Poligov uses Determ during election cycles.

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    Muhammad Tri Andika, Executive Director

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    Political strategy consulting company

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    Export, Metrics, Competitive analysis

Established in 2015, Poligov is a political strategy consulting company operating in Indonesia. Their main aim is to support and advise politicians or prominent figures during election cycles and keep them in line with the aspirations of their constituents.

For this case study, we talked to Muhammad Tri Andika, Executive Director at Poligov. His responsibilities include managing all company activity, especially research and government and stakeholder relations.


Muhammad points out that their main challenge was analyzing the media’s effectiveness in promoting the politicians’ branding. The second challenge that he mentioned was getting deeper insight into which audience has been reached by the media.

“I help my clients monitor their news in the media by using the Determ, and from the Determ, I can get the raw data. So, based on the data, I can develop my analysis of the performance in the media after that.”

In the past, they’ve used various media analysis tools, but they weren’t providing them with all the necessary information and weren’t as user-friendly as Determ.

Solution & Impact

Determ is helping the team at Poligov solve challenges and adds some additional benefits. As Muhammad notes, they can track the effectiveness of each media and can see what number of people saw specific news. Since politicians have to deal with the media to get exposure, Determ helps Muhammad make a judgment on which media is good for a certain politician and which is not. Also, they can track the virality of specific articles and see how many social media users saw the articles. In comparison to other tools they previously used, Muhammad said they have to do way fewer steps to get the data, saving them time.

While researching media monitoring tools, Muhammad specified three main factors why they ended up using Determ – it’s very user-friendly, reports are easy to create and understand, and everything the tool gathers they can easily export in one file. One unexpected benefit that came with Determ is that the data can be exported in PPT., Excel, and even Microsoft Office format. Muhammad says that he often exports data in Microsoft Office to run text analysis easily.

Another advantage that Muhammad points out is that he often uses comparative analysis to compare different politicians. He then shares those insights with his clients, so they can adjust their strategy if needed. He remembered an example when he suggested to one politician that he should engage with a media outlet that he previously didn’t engage with. Interestingly, Muhammad discovered that information by analyzing the performance of another politician. The politician listened to him and started engaging with the said media, after which his exposure increased drastically.

Currently, Muhammad is using Determ for Indonesia’s upcoming 2024 legislative and presidential elections. He notes that the tool is useful during the complete election cycle – before, during, and after. Before and during the election, it’s important to him to analyze and discover the effectiveness of the media, and after the election, to maintain the candidate’s presence in the media.

Determ is a very worth media analytics tool in tracking the brand reputation, especially for those who engage in the political sector to track the brand reputation and track the number of audiences who read the news. I believe there is no one media analytics tool that can do it as powerful as Determ.”

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