Agencies Eco and Row use Determ to better advise their clients on crisis situations.

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    Alexandra Cortese, Founder & Director

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    Creative communications agency & Corporate communications

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    Metrics, Reports

Eco is a creative communications agency based in Paraguay founded in 2017. Their team is divided into a PR and consultancy team and a Creative team, who work together on campaigns and other projects focusing on social and environmental purposes.

For this Case Study, we talked with Alexandra Cortese, the founder and director of Eco. Alexandra is a highly experienced consultant who, for many years, has worked on various corporate and internal communications projects and, as of late, crisis communications. Two and a half years ago, she co-founded a second agency, Row, which specialized in corporate communications for the private sector. The Row is part of the biggest marketing holding in Paraguay, Texo.


Alexandra says their main challenge is knowing what people are thinking and analyzing mentions to advise their clients on what to do. They needed a tool that would provide them with data to make informed decisions. She tried out a couple of media monitoring tools but found Determ to be a great combination of price and value.


Eco and Row use Determ to send daily clippings to their clients, monitor in which media they were mentioned and stay informed about the clients and their industries. Also, Alexandra says that Determ is an important ally in crisis communication.

Because I work a lot as a consultant in crisis, that's something that I always tell my clients. You sometimes feel like the storm is coming when someone posts a tweet about you, or two or three or a thousand. But we have to know what the engagement rate is. We have to know how many interactions versus reach to tell whether we do this or the other thing. A Determ is important for that because sometimes clients act on instincts, and crises cannot be managed through instincts."

One of the most essential things for Alexandra is that they can rely on the tool in their everyday tasks, and it’s easy to use. She noted that as a long-term user, she noticed the tool evolved significantly over the years.

“We're really comfortable with the tool, we know it's going to work, so we don't doubt if we're okay with it. It's not like the system will crash, or we're not going to be able to send our daily clippings. That's something important for our day-to-day. It's easy to use. That's another good thing. It's not something like, wow, super long and super complex. It's easy, simple, and shows you what you need to see.”

Also, she especially appreciates our Customer Support team, for whom she says:

“For me, that is the base of everything. So I always got a quick response. Whenever I had an issue or a question, I always got someone there. A lot of times, I was contacted by the team telling me we want to do a course for you and your team. And my team did it once, and they really learned a lot. So that was really proactive from you. I think it’s great!”


Before Determ, they used Google alerts, but Alexandra says they had to do a lot of searching manually.

“It costs a lot of time and resources, and we didn't get the full information. It's impossible to measure manually. You can’t get all the information you need to make a decision from someone watching the news or monitoring social media manually. And because we work with the government and important companies and organizations, we have to be prepared to monitor for daily issues and possible attacks.”

Initially, they used Determ for monitoring, but as the agency grew, they also started using reports. Alexandra says that in the next year, they’ll start using them even more for their clients.

“Honestly, in the beginning, our agency was really small, and we started growing using the tool.”

What Alexandra found really impactful is that even though Paraguay is a small market, with Determ, she can easily track mentions from both languages used in Paraguay.

When asked what she would advise people who are considering purchasing a Determ subscription, she said:

My advice would be to test the tool and to know that behind the tool, there are a lot of people that care about you and that would take care of you if you have a problem. Sometimes the product can be great, but if customer service is not good, then your experience will not be good, and you will not be able to use the tool as you should. So that, for me, is the main thing in this kind of service.”

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