Best Meltwater alternative for user-friendly media monitoring

By choosing Determ, you get a media monitoring solution that offers more insights, ease of use, and outstanding customer service.

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A reliable choice for SMBs and agencies

Consistent and transparent pricing. Extremely user-friendly. Outstanding support.


More meaningful insights with reasonable pricing. Compare Determ to Meltwater. 


Superior value for money

Meltwater’s add-ons often end up being too expensive for money-conscious organizations. Determ offers more cost-effective pricing without the pushy sales tactics.

Reliably accurate results

With Determ, it’s easy to create precise searches and filter results. Plus, AI-generated data analyses free up time for reporting meaningful insights.

Determ vs Meltwater reliably accurate results

Unparalleled ease of use and customer support

Easy to use, enjoyable to communicate with. Determ is the choice for those who value user-friendliness, consistency, and transparency.

Determ vs Meltwater ease of use & support

Trusted by 4000+ PR and marketing professionals from 107 countries.

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"Determ is user-friendly and super reliable, especially when it comes to detecting potential issues and crises for our clients. We also frequently work with reports, which we send our clients weekly or monthly, depending on their needs. As an agency, we appreciate the tool's flexibility and team reactivity."

"Determ saves us time, points us to a problem we must solve, or shows us new opportunities on social media. The best thing is competitor monitoring which used to take up much of our time. This is one of the most useful monitoring tools on the market."

"Numerous times, something happened, and we were the last to know. Now, we're timely informed of everything. We check Determ every day, and if something important occurs, we automatically get an alert and can react immediately."


Other companies chose Determ over Meltwater

Determ offers unparalleled ease of use, value for money, and outstanding customer support. Make the smart choice for your business today.

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