Create measurable impact

Whether pitching to new clients or reporting to current ones, Determ can provide you with all the necessary data.

Grow your agency

Create a pitch that wins

Stand out among other agencies with unique consumer and market insights backed by real-time data.

Add extra value to your services

Provide a seamless experience for your clients with the most complete monitoring and reporting services.

Elevate your reporting

Get comprehensive, personalized reports on any topic in just a few clicks - ready whenever a client wants an update.

Track and protect your and your clients’ reputation

Measure brand visibility and get detailed insights into public opinion over time. Get scheduled updates on your mentions or receive alerts when there’s a sudden spike in mentions.


Grow your clients’ social presence

Keep track of online conversations and engage the audience with campaigns and posts that resonate with their current interests.


Create data-rich reports in a few clicks

Back up your promises and showcase your impact through comprehensive, personalized reports - ready whenever a client wants an update.


Take it from our clients

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"Determ is user-friendly and reliable for detecting and following potential issues and crises for our clients. In addition to using the tool for live monitoring, we frequently work with the reports automatically generated by the tool, which we send weekly or monthly, depending on our clients' needs. As an agency, we also appreciate the tool's flexibility and the team's reactivity."

"One of our major goals is to understand clients' needs and ensure we're getting them satisfactory results in the daily reports. And we get that with Determ."

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