Simplify your workflow

Eliminate repetitive tasks with quick and automated actions that lead to less work and better results.

Sort out your mentions as they appear online

Group topic-related mentions under tags and get deeper, more categorized insights into online discussions and your brand reputation.


Set up a more precise sentiment analysis

Assign positive or negative sentiment to specific keywords and get public opinion insights unique to your own brand.


Stay on top of your online reputation

Data at your fingertips whenever you want it. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly insights-rich updates and reports on your digital media space.

Alerts digests

How our clients automate their workflow

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"Determ is a user-friendly and reliable tool to detect and follow potential issues and crises for our clients. Aside from live monitoring, we frequently work with the reports automatically generated by the tool, which we send weekly or monthly, depending on our clients' needs. As an agency, we also appreciate the tool's flexibility and the team's reactivity."

“We must ensure a close and constant watch on the brand reputation of our local and international clients. This is why we trust the supportive, precise, and always helpful Determ team.”

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