One-stop solution for measuring PR effectiveness

“Determ gave me the confidence to report insights to superiors because, at every moment, I could explain what a specific graph or metric means and why it’s important.”


Natalie Homer

Director of Public Relations at HiBob


Automate tracking your brand, campaigns, PR, and competitors

With real-time monitoring across the web and social media, you’ll be in the loop with every online conversation, post, or article relevant to your brand.


Prevent crises and empower your crisis response

Detect negative coverage and comments that are gaining popularity and react quickly - before it has a chance to become a full-blown crisis.


Simplify reporting and show the true value of your efforts

Create comprehensive, data-rich reports in your brand colors in just a couple of clicks.


Powered by ChatGPT API

Generate topic insights with AI assistant Synthia

Synthia can identify key insights and recommend action steps for any topic you’re tracking - in just one click.


Listen to your gut, but let data lead the way

Differentiate yourself

Get your messaging, targeting, and positioning just right with Determ's audience, market, and industry insights.

Sophisticate your reporting and measurement processes

Rely on Determ's metrics and reports to provide you with actionable insights that will help you make data-driven decisions.

Identify fake news and stop misleading information

Be aware of what's written online and quickly identify the sources of misinformation.

Take it from our clients.

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“Instead of having to dig up who writes what about us on owned or other communications channels, we can now reduce the amount of manual work we do.”

“The speed of reaction is crucial in PR. The first person to have a piece of information has the advantage over others, and Determ helps you get it.”

“One of the major benefits is understanding our clients’ needs and ensuring we’re getting them satisfactory results in daily reports.”

“Numerous times, something happened and we were the last to know. Now, we are timely informed of everything. We check Determ every day, and if something important occurs we automatically get an alert and can react immediately.”

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