Data you can rely on

Use real-time industry and customer insights to focus your resources on strategies and campaigns that bring results.

Why Determ

Eliminate and automate mundane tasks

Focus your time and energy on the important stuff, and leave monitoring and analyzing to Determ.

industry marketing

Grow your social media with content that matters

Keep track of online conversations and engage your audience with campaigns and posts that resonate with their current interests.


Identify lead generation opportunities with AI assistant Synthia

Synthia can help you discover emerging industry trends and potential brand advocates you can engage with to build brand loyalty.


Prove and demonstrate the success of your campaigns

Get reach and sentiment metrics and export reports that will delight your stakeholders and make it easier for you to showcase your achievements.


Evaluate your market position with competitor monitoring

Keep current with what your competitors are doing. Track and analyze their social media efforts in one place and learn how people and media talk about them online.


Don't take our word for it

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“Discussing social media trends with our Marketing team would be impossible without reverting to Determ’s reports. It points us to a problem we have to solve or helps us discover new ideas. Not to mention how much time it saves us on competitor monitoring. This is one of the most useful monitoring tools on the market.”

“We use media monitoring for planning ahead and analyzing campaign impact. For example, when we launch a new model, we can see how people react and use that information. We always keep up with competitors to ensure we stay on top of trends and industry happenings.”

“Knowing where and when to place your content is critical, and needs to be carefully thought out. It’s difficult to conclude this based on chaotic or no data. With Determ, we can see the efficacy of each media channel.”

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