Detect and manage crises easily

Make sense of your mentions so you never fail to detect the brewing crisis and react promptly to protect your reputation.

Get ahead of a crisis before it has time to take off

Trigger notifications when you start trending online and quickly learn why through a report dashboard. Catch any negative coverage or comments as soon as they’re on the internet.


Keep track of crisis progress and public response

Learn how far the crisis spreads and what channels have the highest reach. Discover media and social profiles with the most influence and learn which side they lean towards.


Don’t overlook vital information with Synthia AI

Powered by ChatGPT API, Synthia offers key insights into any crisis situation and helps you get to the root of the crisis without endlessly scrolling through mentions.


Monitor your reputation and public sentiment in real-time

Stay conscious of your online presence with sentiment and tone of voice analysis. Spot negative mentions right away and act quickly to prevent them from spreading.


Make sure everyone in your organization is up-to-date

Share reports in your preferred format

Save time on creating reports and have a PDF or PPT ready in just a click.

Send newsletters with the most important mentions

Share updates with your stakeholders directly in their inboxes.

Add unlimited colleagues to your account

Allow other users access to your dashboard and direct them to relevant data.

Take it from our clients.

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Numerous times, something would happen, and we'd be the last to know. Now, we are timely informed of everything. We check Determ every day, and if something important occurs, we automatically get an alert and are able to react immediately.”

“We highly recommend Determ to other organizations, especially in the crisis and emergency management field. The tool is reliable and easy to use, plus the customer support is excellent.”

“It’s important to us to ensure a close and constant watch of the brand reputation of our national and international clients. This is why we trust the supportive and always helpful Determ team. They navigate us step-by-step so we can then transfer that knowledge to our clients and help them monitor classical and social media.”

“Manually looking for mentions costs a lot of time and resources, and we'd never get a full overview. Especially because we work with the government and important companies and organizations, we have to be prepared to monitor for daily issues and possible attacks. And we trust Determ for that.”

Monitoring your mentions is easier than fixing a crisis.

Try Determ.

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