Your extra pair of helping hands

There are billions of online conversations happening in the moment. Let Determ monitor those for you.

Why Determ

Save time and resources for more important things

Focus your time and energy on working on your cause instead of endlessly googling to find necessary data.


Create a measurable impact

Let opportunities come to you

Discovering grants, sponsorships, and similar opportunities is much easier when you don't have to look for them manually. With Determ, get notified about these opportunities as soon as they're published online.

Take care of your reputation

Identify and engage in every single relevant online conversation, article, or post that shapes your reputation and stay in control of your online presence.

Showcase your impact

Monitor how your work is percieved online, and create comprehensive reports to showcase the impact it had.

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Don't take our word for it

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"Determ is more than a tool that we use; there are people behind it who are ready to support and help us in situations where we do not know how best to establish metrics we can measure."

"When it comes to analytics, it’s really helpful to be able to have the reports. It calculates things very quickly, and it's very easy for us to see where the spike in mentions was and to be able to create reports to inform our intervention and communication strategies."

"Without Determ, we would’ve had to create reports manually, and it wouldn’t look as professional as it did. We simply exported data, divided reports into social media and online media, and then compared it with other events happening at the same time. If it weren’t for Determ, everything would go much, much harder. At that moment, we realized that we have a simple tool that can provide us with great results."

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