Base your strategies on reliable data

Get insights that help you plan better, spot risks or opportunities, and optimize in real-time to achieve maximum success.

role marketers

Monitor, measure, report, and delight

No more tapping in the dark

Get to know your target audience through Determ and start creating campaigns that resonate and engage them.

Get to know the world around you

Easily monitor industry trends and competitors to identify growth opportunities and generate leads.

Inspiration is a few clicks away

Struggling with coming up with innovative ways to connect with your target audience? Determ provides you with customer, market, and competitor insights that will help you with fresh ideas.

Book a consultation with our product experts and get a personalized product demo. No commitment.

Take it from our clients in marketing

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"Our morning coffee and discussing social media trends with our colleagues from the Marketing department would be impossible without reverting to Determ's reports. It saves us time, points us to a problem we have to solve, or shows us what we can do on social media. The best thing is competitor monitoring which used to take up much of our time. This is one of the most useful monitoring tools on the market."

"Sometimes we come across articles that we didn't know mentioned us or that our product was installed in some market. We also find different smart conferences happening worldwide, and then we ask local partners whether they're interested in going. We're informed, educated, we're saving time, and I would say those are the biggest benefits."

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