Misc Games finds and shuts down piracy attempts.

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    Competitive analysis, Mention feed, Metrics

Founded in 2013, Misc Games is a gaming company that creates PC and Console games. Two of their big project were PC simulators Fishing: Barents Sea (2018) and Fishing: North Atlantic (2020). Fishing: North Atlantic was later released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S, as well. Currently, they are working on another big project that will be announced later this year.

For this Case Study, we talked to Gøran Myrland, who has been the CEO of Misc Games for the last nine years. In our conversation, Gøran explained why they decided to use Determ and how the tool helps them in their everyday work.


After being a part of a big publisher, they moved on to self-publishing around 2020. That’s when they realized the need to find the tool to help them find what was written about them and their games, who plays the games, and learn more about their key markets and potential new competitors.

“We want to reach as many players as possible. We know that the simulator genre is extremely popular at the moment. Last year we started tracking everything – what kind of players we have, age group, target players, what genres they like to play… We try to catch as much data as we can – how they interact with the game, what kind of boats they like, mechanics – so we can tailor the experience much better for the upcoming projects.”

Solution & Impact

In their search, Misc Games tested a couple of tools but ended up using Determ because it fits their needs the most.

“We looked at some other tools, but they were very complex, so it was overkill for our needs. We were happy when we found Determ."

Gøran says that they’ve definitely seen an improvement in their metrics, mainly because our support team helped them set the topics a little bit better and cut out irrelevant things.

Aside from the improvements in metrics, they’ve noticed that some YouTubers posted videos with illegal downloadable links to their game. Because of Determ, they could find those videos and take them down quickly.

Since they’re using Determ’s Slack integration, the whole team can be up-to-date with new mentions without having to check the tool regularly. Gøran points out that this is extremely important for team spirit and motivation because his teammates can see their work getting noticed.

When asked how likely he would recommend Determ to other companies from 1 to 10, Gøran said:

“10! Every time someone asks me, I always recommend you guys. I can only talk about it from the perspective of games, but it is really helpful to know what is written about you and the reach of those messages. Also, if you make a game in a competitive genre, it's great to track competitors to see the difference between your games and other games. The trial option is also super nice because you can see if this is the right fit for you. It’s definitely worth it if you’ve released the game or even before you release the game to jump in and try if it benefits you.”

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