I&F Grupa uses Determ to monitor, analyze and optimize client’s campaigns

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For over two decades now, I&F Grupa has been helping local, regional, and international clients develop their brands and expand their businesses. It’s one of the leading communications companies in the Adriatic region, with over 400 professionals who work on marketing campaign integrations, promotional activities, event planning, design, digital marketing, public relations, and more. I&F Grupa has used Determ since its beginning in 2016 and is one of Determ’s longest clients.

For this Case study, we talked to Nikola Milićević, a PR Specialist who’s been working in I&F Grupa for the last three years.


Nikola has been using Determ since he started working in the I&F Grupa. I&F Grupa uses Determ to track what’s being said about their clients, how people react to their posts, and reporting. 

After the initial onboarding with the dedicated Customer Success Manager, Nikola soon realized how he could improve his work and clients’ results with Determ. He found Determ to be extremely intuitive, interactive, and easy to navigate to get the data he needed.


Nikola is the main user of Determ, but other colleagues in his team also have access to the platform and use it when needed.

Generally, they need to find out from Determ what people think about their posts, how many people have seen them, and what they think about their clients. The main metric they are focusing on is their media presence, and that data helps them evaluate their work and adjust communication.

In our conversation, Nikola shared a few client use cases where Determ comes in quite handy.

Aside from online mentions and metrics of specific campaigns, clients, or people, it’s also valuable for him to know the campaign sentiment. He points out that, in this case, Twitter is important to him because it’s the fastest form of communication. He’s tracking keywords connected to his clients and can easily detect and react when something unexpected comes up and from which source. Also, Nikola is responsible for data analysis and sending reports to his clients. Regarding reports, he finds Word Cloud especially useful, as well as the Top Influencer chart by source and Top Influencer by reach, where he can see who mentioned specific keywords, what was said, and the reach of those posts.

When it comes to clients from specific countries or regions, Nikola appreciates that through Determ, he can track Latin and Cyrillic alphabet and localize his monitoring to those countries and/or regions. Another helpful thing is Boolean operators with which he can specify the search and get relevant results.

“For one client, we needed to find results only for Serbia and Serbian media, and I’ve edited the location to show me the results my client needed. I really liked it because it was so easy and effortless to set up and get only what interests me.”

Nikola explained that when creating a campaign for their clients, they use Determ to analyze everything from the beginning. Before creating a campaign, they use Determ to analyze clients’ keywords to see how relevant they are and on which media outlets. Also, he analyzes where they should be targeting their message and how. During the campaign, they monitor all the relevant keywords and present the client with an analysis of the campaign’s success. After the campaign, they can do a post-campaign debrief to show the clients that even though the campaign is over, people are still talking about them.

“Determ helped us find the relevant results and optimize our campaigns correctly – to see where we need to put more effort in our posts and where we’re doing great.”


Nikola says that having Determ is a huge time saver for him. He mentioned a situation where he was on a short deadline and had to send one agency all of their mentions, screenshots, and the media outlets they were published on. 

“I had a short deadline and had to find the information quickly. Determ helped me a lot!”

Also, he emphasized that creating reports for his clients is easy and efficient.

“To be honest, Determ makes my job easier. I don’t have to do things manually and can deliver important information quicker.”

Another important thing is that he can see and quickly react to anything online. Whether it’s crisis communication or realizing they need to improve their strategy.

Nikola points out the Digest report feature to be extremely useful for him because he can schedule to receive a report every Monday morning and see all the important information, which helps him manage the media plan. Also, he appreciates the Brand template option because he can create reports and personalize them for his clients with their brand colors and logo.

Other features that he likes are collections because he can easily group his mentions and smart alerts, which notify him about the mention spike only when specific keywords are mentioned a lot.

When asked how likely he would recommend Determ to others from 1 to 10, Nikola said:

“I would give a strong 9. You’re doing an amazing job and keeping up with trends. The platform has grown and changed significantly in the past three years I’ve used it. "

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