Get customer feedback in real-time

Access the most complete set of brand and market landscape insights.

Manage your brand reputation

Stream mentions of all your brands or specific products in one feed

Learn how customers perceive your brand and whether the brand image you project matches their actual experiences and feelings toward your products.

Measure and protect your public reputation

Use tone of voice insights and advanced sentiment analysis to stay in tune with your public reputation. Keep an eye on it over time and receive real-time reports directly in your inbox.

Successfully detect and contain crisis situations

Trigger notifications on sudden spikes in your mentions and stay ahead of negative publicity, product-related issues or customer complaints.

Keep up with evolving consumer needs

Analyze online conversations, comments or forums to identify customer’s preferences or pain points. Get inspiration for product improvements and anticipate customer demands.


Increase brand awareness with AI assistant Synthia

Use Synthia’s recommendations for your brand’s next steps and promotional activities to drive first and repeat purchases.


Discover trends with industry and competitor monitoring

Get a complete market overview by tracking industry-specific topics and competitors. Keep up with the next big thing and market new products or improvements in response to industry demand.


Don't take it from us

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“We wanted to get faster and better insights into our competitors, trends, influencers, our industry in general. Determ has helped us optimize search for relevant media coverage and social media posts, and now we’re always informed in a timely manner. Our brand managers get daily updates and we use Determ for monthly, quarterly and yearly mention reports.”

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