Know when people are talking about you on social media

Get notified of any posts or comments mentioning you, your competitors, hashtags or any relevant topics as soon as they happen.

Monitor and analyze all your social media in one place

Learn where your audience is most active

Discover the most popular social media channels by topics you track and use that data to focus your communication and resources in the right direction.

Discover relevant content through reach and engagement metrics

Learn what currently matters most to your audience, what bothers or delights them - and tailor your content to their interests.

Measure public opinion to stay in control of your online presence

Get the advanced tone of voice and sentiment analysis with AI Synthia and catch any negative comments and media coverage as soon as it’s online.

Start monitoring social media with ease. Book a consultation with our product experts and get a personalized product demo. No commitment.

Stream all social media mentions in one feed with powerful filters

Make sure to catch every time someone mentions you online, even if not tagged, and resolve issues or engage in conversations as soon as they happen.


Discover new collaboration opportunities and trends with AI Synthia

Get inspired by Synthia’s smart insights into current trending topics and identify potential brand advocates you can recruit to build brand awareness.


Monitor campaign or hashtag performance across all channels

Segment your campaign reach and popularity metrics by channel and monitor people’s reactions and interest. Use Synthia to generate a campaign performance summary.


Our clients rely on Determ every day.

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“Discussing social media trends with our Marketing team would be impossible without reverting to Determ’s reports. It points us to a problem we have to solve or helps us discover new ideas."

“Knowing where and when to place your content is critical, and needs to be carefully thought out. It’s difficult to conclude this based on chaotic or no data. With Determ, we can see the efficacy of each media channel.”

“We use media monitoring for planning ahead and analyzing campaign impact. For example, when we launch a new model, we can see how people react and use that information. We always keep up with competitors to ensure we stay on top of trends and industry happenings.”

Unite all your social media insights in one place.

Try Determ.

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