Make informed, data-backed decisions

Track, measure, and analyze online media with endless filtering, customization, and automation capabilities - all within one solution.

A new way to research

Collect, filter, and analyze data in real-time

Get exactly what you’re searching for with powerful filters that help you avoid irrelevant data.

Discover relevant content through reach and engagement metrics

Analyze every mention individually or under topics through interactive charts that reveal detailed information about each data segment

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior

Get inspired by unbiased insights into consumer preferences, pain points, and habits and make data-driven decisions.

Save time with the most in-depth, customizable reporting experience

Leverage ready-made report templates or create a customizable set of data unique to your own business goals.

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Plan your next steps with smart insights from AI Synthia

Quickly identify key potential opportunities or threats relevant to your topics of interest. Build strategies around well-informed and data-proven decisions.


Choose how you share and export data

Receive scheduled reports directly to your inbox or export data at request in your preferred format.


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Leapbit uses Determ’s reports to present monthly results

Case study_Leapbit

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Bingo easily proves the success of its marketing efforts

Case study_Bingo

Don't take it from us

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“Determ helped our social listening reach the next level, as our data and analysis team can now create on-the-spot reports, analyze chatter on the web and social media, and provide our customers with insights to improve their marketing campaigns and business development efforts.”

“Knowing when and where to place your content is critical and needs to be carefully thought out. It’s difficult to conclude this based on chaotic or no data. But with Determ, we can see the efficacy of each media channel.”

“When it comes to analytics, it’s really helpful to have Determ’s reports. It’s all calculated very quickly, and it’s especially useful for us to see where the spike in mentions was and to be able to create reports to inform our intervention and communication strategies.”

Make informed business decisions.

Use data from Determ.

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