A smarter, faster way of analyzing and reporting data

"Synthia summarizes exactly what was written about us in the media that month in less than a minute, so it's brilliant.”


Natalie Homer

Director of Public Relations at HiBob


The power and advantage of AI


PR professionals recognize AI’s value in media monitoring and analysis.


highlight role of AI in data analytics and performance measurement.


see AI as needed in automated reporting and data visualization.

From Determ’s survey report “PR Trends and Challenges in 2024”.


Get more with less work

Determ AI Synthia_Benefits


Perform in-depth analysis in seconds

Synthia’s supercharged reporting insights mean you can dive into mentions, get instant explanations for every spike and drop, uncover patterns and recognize trends.

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Save time with instantly created summaries

Forget about endless scrolling. Learn what is being said about you or your competitors online at the click of a button.


Make informed decisions that drive success

Plan your next steps with smart, actionable insights that Synthia provides. Quickly identify key potential opportunities relevant to your brand, competitors, or industry.

Let Synthia do the heavy lifting.

More data. Less work. See how easy your job could be.

Elevate your media monitoring experience

Advanced sentiment detection

Synthia can understand sarcasm or irony and can grasp the full context of your mentions.

Precise tone of voice recognition

Learning how your customers talk about you can help you improve and protect your brand reputation.

Coverage in any spoken language

No matter the language of your mentions, Synthia easily interprets and summarizes data.

Our clients love Synthia.

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"We love Synthia, it’s very practical. We especially appreciate that the AI can analyze unique topics, provide highly resourceful recommendations, and assign an accurate tone of voice to each news summary. Additionally, we’re very fond of the Determ team, which is always open to suggestions from their clients."

“I’ve taken to providing an overview of what topics have generally made the news in any given month as a foreword to my reports. I look at all the coverage, what's been written about, and I do a little summary. This would take up to an hour. Now, Synthia does it for me. Synthia summarizes exactly what was written about that month in less than a minute, so it's brilliant.”

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