Add media insights to your database, product, or website

Access vital data from the web and social media without building your crawlers or switching between multiple platforms.

Determ API header with statistics

More data, less work, better results

Integration with your existing tools and workflows

Connect external media data with internal business metrics to get a more holistic view of the market, customer behavior, and brand perception.

Easy to use and implement

Our API documentation comes in all main programming languages, making it simple to integrate and use, cutting down on setup time and technical challenges.

Ensuring security and compliance

Determ's in-house technology and local data servers guarantee top-notch data safety and GDPR compliance for your peace of mind.

With 100 million crawled sources, 1.4 trillion conversations, and open connectors to upload your data, Determ provides more options to gather insights.

Keep an eye on media globally or locally

Follow relevant news data in any place, language, sentiment, or source, or all across the internet.

Determ API Metadata

Identify trends and issues early

Set up notifications based on specific keywords, topics, or sentiment thresholds to stay informed of critical mentions without being overwhelmed by the data.

Determ API_Alerts

Understand media impact on a deeper level

Personalize your marketing and customer engagement based on detailed information about customer preferences and behaviors.

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Give your business, services or tools a media intelligence boost.

Determ API Documentation

Experience the Determ level of support excellence

With Determ, you’re not just adopting a platform–you’re partnering with a team dedicated to your success.

Determ API_Customer Support

Trusted by 45,000+ users from 105 countries.

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“We were happy that it made the work easier. There was a lot of stuff that we had to do manually that is now done automatically. And that's a really big help and support for us. What’s more, we can always turn to you, and we always get a really quick answer. Even if there's a glitch in the software, we return to you, and people are immediately responsive and fix the issue.”

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