Get insights into public opinion and monitor what your opposition is doing at all times

What are the people saying? How is media portraying you and competition? Get unfiltered access to social media discussions and media coverage.



Keep an eye on opposing candidates or parties

Compare media presence and reputation. Learn which competitors are most active on their own social media and which are more talked about on all channels.


Discover and address the public’s most pressing issues and needs

Learn what is troubling your constituents directly from them. Tap into social media discussions and unfiltered comments, and filter that data down to gender segments, location or specific topics.

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Monitor your reputation with sentiment analysis and alerts

Stay in control of your image. Get notified the second there is a sudden shift in public opinion on any key person, competitor or topics you have invested interest in.

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Perform in-depth analyses in seconds

AI Synthia’s supercharged reporting insights mean you can dive into mentions, get instant explanations for every spike and drop, uncover patterns and recognize trends.

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Inform your campaign with unique insights

Create a campaign message that speaks to your audience

Keep up with online discussions and trending media coverage to discover what issues or causes your constituents are most passionate about and learn about their experiences.

Keep up with campaign performance in real-time

Analyze public reaction to specific topics or people - across different channels, gender segments or location. Address key pain points you discover along the way and capitalize on channels with the biggest reach and influence.

Manage your media presence after the campaign

Generate campaign summary with AI Synthia and discover highlights and suggestions for your next steps. Learn what channels were the most successful and whether you collaborated with the right media and influential personas.

Hear it from our clients in political sector

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“For a mayor's office, using media monitoring tools to track online publications and the public's reactions immensely helps our everyday work. Making reports and analyses especially provides an opportunity to spot and correct some gaps in communication. Also, due to the international position of Dubrovnik as a cultural and tourist center, monitoring foreign media and social networks, in which Dubrovnik is increasingly represented, is extremely important.”

“Determ is extremely useful when it comes to monitoring your reputation and tracking news outlets and the number of people they reach, especially in the political sector. I believe no media analytics tool that can do it as powerfully as Determ.”

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