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Founded in 2017, Taimi is one of the largest fully inclusive LGBTQ+ dating app on the market. The app is focused on the whole LGBTQ+ community – the app has 17 sexual orientations and 22 gender identities included. They are creating a platform for fluid dating for the entire LGBTQ+ community providing flexibility and choices to establish your own rules for dating. Taimi confidently strides towards becoming the most inclusive app for the LGBTQ+ community.

For this case study, we interviewed Daria Marusyk, PR Lead at the Brand and Communication Team. Daria’s responsibilities include strategically planning their PR activities and different projects and collaborations that can increase media coverage. 


When Daria started working at Taimi, her main responsibility was to develop and run the entire PR process from scratch. One of the conditions for that was to find the best media monitoring tool to help her out. At that time, Taimi didn’t have any kind of reporting system for the PR activities, and since data and metrics are important for marketing KPIs, she thought Determ would be a perfect match.

Daria stated that she did not have to research other media monitoring tools because at her previous workplace, she already used Determ, and it was an easy decision for her. Also, she noted that Determ has the best custom functions to customize the reports as much as possible.


Daria says that Determ is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Besides her, other colleagues such as community managers, social media managers, and PR managers use Determ, as well.

Daria uses Determ daily, firstly and most importantly, to check up on what’s going on on the Web, Twitter, and Reddit.

“The first thing that I'm opening when I start working is Determ.”

They’ve recently started monitoring competitors, which helps them with in various ways:

“We made the integration to Slack for the Business Development Department to see mentions because they don't need to have access to a tool. It's also very convenient because we can actually look through all of the mentions of our competitors during the day. For the PR department, it's very important just to see what is going on in the media landscape with them. Also, this is a source of ideas for thinking about what we can do regarding PR. For our Business Development Department, it's also important to see the share of voice, not to count the share of voice, but just to see overall. We need to see what they are doing, what we are doing, and to understand how we actually need to build our strategy according to our main competitors.”

At the end of every quarter, they use the numbers and metrics they get from Determ to determine what to do next, what was good, and what needs improvement.

“For PR managers in tech, it's always a challenge to show the actual value of this or that article. Determ actually helps me to show the value of the article itself. Then, I can show the difference between tier one, tier two, tier three media outlets and what the influence of each article for this very product, and for the brand awareness.”


Daria says that she estimates that Determ saves her about 50% of her time daily. She noted that she does not need to do graphics anymore and other reports because all of that she can get in Determ in a mere second. 

With the help of Determ, Daria and her colleagues can find different mentions by keywords, and that helps them when they need to do crisis communication.

“If we are getting negative feedback, but the user, for example, only mentioned Taimi without tagging us, it is very convenient for us actually to respond to this negative or positive feedback.”

When asked what features she appreciates the most in her experience with Determ, Daria said:

“The feed overall is very convenient to use, because I don’t need to scroll down through the whole fee. I can use filters, and everything I want to know will be shown to me immediately.”

Using custom reports also helps Daria and her team a lot when they are running a big campaign. In that case, they set up an additional topic that includes some specific information about the campaign and create a custom report with information about the campaign alone.

When it comes to the benefits of using Determ, Daria said:

“I actually don't need to focus on media monitoring much. It's like a scroll on Instagram, and that's all. I need to check Determ for a few minutes every couple of hours. That's very convenient."

The best feature for her in Determ are reports with mentions and impressions because that shows them the actual reactions of their users and audience. 

“For me, impressions are a nice metric to see the actual actions of our audience. For example, the article's reach can be high, but the engagement rate and impressions are low. We can understand that this very article was not targeted to our audience as it is to be.”

When asked if she would recommend Determ to others, Daria said:

“Yes, because I'm actually doing this. I'm a member of the Tech PR community in my region, and when someone asks for advice and what tool I use for media mentoring, I always recommend Determ. If you need to go deeper, and if you, for example, need to develop an evaluation system, etc, you definitely should buy Determ.”

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