Hopscotch Europe uses Determ for seamless information sharing with their clients

  • Conversation with

    Flohic Morin, Digital Account Director

  • Company type

    PR Agency

  • Best impact

    Alerts, Digests, Real-time monitoring

Hopscotch Europe is an international public relation agency and the European branch of a larger group based in Paris Hopscotch Group. They specialize in global campaigns and have many clients from different industries, such as luxury hospitality, energy, IoT, sports, etc.

For this Case Study, we talked to Flohic Morin, a Digital Account Director who’s worked in the agency for the last 12 years and was tasked to build the digital services in the company from the ground up.


Flohic says their clients wanted a media monitoring solution, so it was up to them to find a solution to simplify job streamlining. Their clients often require more intelligence on what’s being published online and on the perceptions of the market. He tried dozens of media monitoring solutions but decided to go with Determ because of the flexible pricing structure adapted to their project needs and clients’ requirements. 

More specifically, Flohic noted that agencies are bound to projects, and having a flexible subscription option for a couple of months of usage is important to them.

Solution & Impact

Currently, Flohic is the only one in his team using Determ, but he plans to onboard at least two colleagues from the social media team, as well. 

Primarily, they use Determ for quick and seamless information sharing through alerts and daily digests with their clients. A long-term plan, Flohic says, is to utilize the intelligence and to advise prospective clients. 

Flohic shared that they’ve used the tool in various aspects for their clients.

For example, one client is opening a new property in Doha. Through Determ, Hopscotch monitors what’s being said about the property online, allowing them to make assessments based on collected data. With that, they can leverage the data to create a better content strategy, provide better client insights, and preempt potential roadblocks.

When asked what he would advise to users that are considering purchasing a Determ subscription, Flohic said:

“My best advice would be to spend some time in the setup phase and study your Boolean search. It's not a one-time thing, and that's it; you leave the tool alone for three months and let it go. All monitoring tools or tools, in general, are meant to be worked on an ongoing basis and update your research and your searches. You have to invest time in the tool's initial setup and ongoing tool optimization.”

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