Streamline your workflow

Minimize your workload with one all-encompassing tool designed with PR professionals in mind.

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More data, more options, better results

Automate tracking your brand, campaigns, PR, and competitors

With real-time monitoring across the web and social media, you can rely on Determ to keep you in the loop with every online conversation, post, or article relevant to your brand.

Prevent crises and empower your crisis response

Real-time and Spike alerts enable you to timely react to any developing situation that might brew into a full-blown crisis and fully prevent it from happening.

Simplify reporting and demonstrate the true value of your efforts

Rather than it taking the most of your time, creating a comprehensive, data-driven report with your brand identity can be done in minutes–leaving you with more time to focus on what matters.

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Take it from our PR clients

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"I recognized the opportunity to reduce the amount of manual work, having to dig up who writes what about us on owned or other communications channels. We tested the tool for a few months, and later we signed up for a year."

"The speed of reaction is crucial in PR. The first person to have a piece of information has the advantage over others, and Determ helps you get it."

"One of the major benefits is understanding our clients' needs and ensuring we’re getting them satisfactory results in the daily reports.”

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