Competitor Analysis Report Template

Staying ahead of the competition is essential for business success. At Determ, we’ve created a detailed Competitor Analysis Report Template to help you gain valuable insights into your competitors and identify opportunities for your own growth.

This Template Includes:

  • Basic Information: Capture essential details about the competitor, including name, industry focus, market presence, geographical coverage, years in operation, key leadership, and company size.
  • Product Overview: Analyze the competitor’s product or service offerings, unique selling propositions, key features, quality, innovation, and customer reviews.
  • Pricing Analysis: Evaluate their pricing range, discounts, perceived value, comparison with your pricing, pricing strategies, and any price matching policies.
  • Marketing Overview: Examine their marketing channels, online presence, advertising strategies, content marketing, customer engagement, branding, and customer targeting.
  • Terms & Business Processes: Review their payment terms, delivery and shipping policies, return and refund policies, customer support, order processing time, supply chain management, and technological integration.
  • SWOT, SNW, or Competitive Benchmarking: Perform a SWOT analysis, SNW analysis, or competitive benchmarking to compare strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and benchmarking metrics with your competitors.

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Download Competitor Analysis Report Template

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