Brand Positioning Map Template

A brand positioning map is a vital tool for marketers because it visually shows how consumers perceive your brand compared to competitors. 

A brand position map is a diagram or chart. It includes a brand’s position relative to the attributes that it’s being measured against. For example, the X axis of the chart could measure criteria such as professional (most) or friendly (least). And across the Y axis, other characteristics like high-end (most) or affordable (least).

This template includes two brand positioning maps for you to use.

This helps you understand:

  • Your competitive advantage: See where your brand stands out in the market.
  • Customer preferences: Identify what matters most to consumers.
  • Positioning gaps: Find areas where competitors are weak and you can potentially dominate.

By understanding these aspects, you can refine your marketing strategy to better target your audience and achieve a strong position in the market.

Download Brand Positioning Map

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