Annual Communications Plan Template

Developing the annual communications plan is integral to a company’s strategic planning process. It helps you identify messages you need to communicate, to whom you need to communicate them, and what channels to use while doing so.

It is especially useful in times of crisis, when launching a new product or starting a new campaign – to name a few instances.

That said, developing a communications plan doesn’t have to be a dreaded, time-consuming experience. With the right guidance, it can be a smooth experience that leaves you prepared for any (un)expected situation.

That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-follow-and-fill-out annual communications plan template – to make your day-to-day business activities that much easier.

This annual communications plan template contains the following fields:

  • Executive summary
  • About your organization
  • Market analysis
  • Audience insights
  • Strategic framework

Having the ability to benchmark monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports will empower you to base your business decisions on relevant and accurate information. Such historical data enables you to go back to a certain event or post and link it to current events at any point in time and thus get a full picture of any matter that might affect your business. 

Download the template and start working on your communications plan!

Download Annual Communications Plan Template

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