Your opinion matters most to us, dear users. We try to listen to your valuable feedback. Based on that, we always prioritize all your suggestions and feature wishes you send in. And we are very happy to let you know that today we are releasing our most requested feature to date: the keyword search.



Although it is still in beta, it works very intuitively and fits into Mediatoolkit perfectly, as if it was always there. On your left-hand side, in the sidebar, above your categories, you will find the new Keyword section. Click on the settings cog icon which appears when you hover your pointer over the Keyword section, then click Add new.

Enter the word or words you wish to search for, and see the magic happen. You can enter a single word like Syria, or multiple words like Justin Timberlake, to track all popular articles related to your search, across all sites you follow, regardless of categories the articles are from. You can still filter by popularity (breaking, viral, rising or hot) and go back in time 24 or 48 hours.


This opens up a whole new layer of possibilities and takes content discovery with Mediatoolkit to a whole new level! In a combo with last week’s Anniversary 50% Discount (which ends on Friday, so hurry up!) you can really get more value from Mediatoolkit that ever before!


We are very excited to hear your first feedback, to see if we’ve made your wish come true in the way most of you imagined, because at the end of the day, that is our sole goal. Please, give us your honest opinion and let us know how you like it in the comments below.


Try it out now, happy keywording!