Zapier is a service that connects your Mediatoolkit account with other apps, like Slack, Gmail, Excel, Evernote, Pipedrive, Salesforce and many more.

Zapier makes it easy to transport your Mediatoolkit mentions and data from one app to another. Here are a couple of examples you can use Zapier and Mediatoolkit:

  • create custom mention alerts across different apps and platforms
  • keep your mention links archived
  • create tasks based on mentions (response, retweet, etc)
  • create a database of contacts writing about topics you monitor
  • create a custom spreadsheet for analysis

Read on to see how to get started.


Zapier triggers are the events that set off an automation. For Mediatoolkit, the trigger is a new mention. An action will be taken every time a new mention appears.

Mediatoolkit Trigger Zapier


Actions are things that happen when an event in Mediatoolkit is triggered. For example, if the trigger is set to “a new mention in Mediatoolkit”, then an action is “to send an SMS alert”. 

Some Actions you can set up with Mediatoolkit:

  • Add mention links to a Google Excel worksheet
  • Add mention authors to a worksheet or a list of contacts
  • Send mention alerts to Slack
  • Send an SMS alert for new mentions
  • Automatically tweet new mentions via Twitter
  • Send leads to CRM like Salesforce or Pipedrive
  • Assign an Asana or Trello task based on new mentions
  • Create an RSS feed of new mentions
  • Add new mentions to Buffer
  • Send new mentions to Evernote
  • Archive new mentions in Pocket

And many more.

Making a Zap with Mediatoolkit

To make a zap, login to Zapier and select Make a Zap.

You will be prompted to choose a trigger app. Search for and choose Mediatoolkit.

Then click – Trigger – New Mention.

You will next have to paste your Mediatoolkit access token. The token is located in your Mediatoolkit account, under Account Settings.

zapier access token

Once you connect, the system will ask you to choose the folder or query you want to get triggers from.

Set up Mediatoolkit Zapier Mention

Once you’ ve set up the query you want to have triggered, the system will run a test to confirm everything is okay. After that, you are ready to choose another app to connect with Mediatoolkit.

To start connecting Mediatoolkit with other zaps via Zapier, click here.