Does your job include creating fast and accurate marketing or PR reports? We’ve just made making them easier with our new feature: automated sentiment analysis. Automated sentiment helps you discover whether your mentions are positive, negative or neutral and the ratios between these three.

To look at your sentiment results, click Reports -> Beta: Automated sentiment.

auto_sentimentAutomated sentiment is available to all users with analysis options at no extra cost.

We’re still in beta so the results can only improve.

How does it work?

We analyse positive and negative sentiment of the expressions used in the text of the mention. If any sentiment prevails, the matching sentiment is allocated.  In case there aren’t any relevant differences, the sentiment is neutral.

What if the sentiment is different from the one set by Mediatoolkit?

You can manually change the sentiment of every mention. Simply click on the mention in the feed and manually select the sentiment from the right side of the dashboard.

Try it out by logging into your Mediatoolkit account.